Live Shopping: “Jungle” Anime and Manga Based Figure and Collectible Store Akihabara September 17th

Live shopping allows you to purchase goods live in stores in Japan: on our twitch channel, we go live for 2 hours and broadcast the products on sale in the store hosting the event.

It’s very simple to purchase, after creating an account on our website, please contact us through the live shopping chat. You will then receive a message of the confirmation on the price and other required information on shipping costs.

If you confirm the purchase of a product, you will then receive a link without waiting to purchase the products shown that you request us to purchase for you. (For more details on this transaction, feel free to ask us any questions)

This Time around on September 17th (starting at 11AM in Japan), The Famous “Jungle” will welcome you along with us. You will find rarer items and collectibles ranging from Anime and Manga to Marvel to Cars! We will also be hosting this event with a very special guest, our good friend and Mangaka (Manga Author) and Cosplayer.

Our commission which is added to the price of product in the store, is very low.

The advantage of the live shopping service is that you see the products live and close up, you also have accurate information about the products by the staff and we express ship it to you by the next day.

E-packet, EMS and Yamato transport (UPS) services are available in many countries.

Don’t miss this event if you are a Anime and Manga collector and want to get products at the best price directly from Akihabara in Japan!

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