Super Potato Retro Game Live Shopping event on Oct. 23rd Japan Time

NEW!! Live shopping Saturday October 23rd 10:00AM at Super Potato Akihabara!

(October 22nd Stateside, 9PM on the East Coast, 6PM on the west).

We are organizing a live shopping event at Super Potato, the reference store for retro gaming in Akihabara district in Tokyo!

There will be video games from Famicom to PS3, consoles and accessories but also Original Soundtrack CDs, merchandise and sweets!

We present the items of the store that welcomes you, making the tour with other customers as if you are there with us in Tokyo! In live time, we announce the items, the price and give information about the condition of the products. We will respond to your comments ASAP to show you and get you what you request.

The live will take place on our Twitch channel at 10AM in Japan on Saturday, October 23, 2021 for 2 hours.

The “Live stream” page of our website “Mugen Shopper Plus” will broadcast the same content.

Our service fee will be similar to what we have been charging until now: 400 yen (3.5USD) for items over 1000 yen (9 USD) and 200 yen (1.75 USD) for items under 1000 yen. We will not charge a service fee on treats for those who made purchases during the live event and would like to pick up some! There is also an online payment fee of 3.6%. The amount of shipping costs is as indicated on the “live stream” page: depending on the weight of the items ordered.

For those who have not yet seen the video presentation, it is here:

And for those who have not yet participated in a live shopping event organized by Mugen Shopper, here is how it works:

1) Watch the live stream on our Twitch channel: or on our “live stream” page

2) Log in with your account on the Mugen Shopper Plus website with another device if you are watching the live on our Twitch channel.

During the live, if a product presented interests you:

3) Go on the chat of the site (bottom right on computer or bottom left on smartphone). Send us a short message indicating that the product you have just seen interests you and that you wish to buy it. (Specify the name of the product or give us some details about it and if you can manage to screenshot it for us it would help us a lot!)

You will then receive a confirmation of the price which includes our commission and the online payment fees (3.6%) but also the weight of the item which will allow you to estimate the shipping costs thanks to a price list which will be available on the website.

If you confirm all the details, please send us back an “Ok” message still on the chat: You then click on our online payment request and pay the indicated amount (either by PayPal or by credit card)

After the end of the live stream, you will receive a payment request this time to pay the shipping costs of all the products you ordered.

Same process as the payment of the products:

You click on the payment request and pay the amount indicated. We will then ship your items by plane, with tracking and insurance the next day. (you will receive a tracking number the same day).

We are very excited to show you guys the inside of the store and we hope to do some shopping with you guys!

As always, thank you all for your support and see you then!

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