Our services and guarantees


The prices

ePacket: Delivery within 7 days for less than 2.1£ per 100gr

For orders from one to a few items, we offer e-packet shipping which has the best speed-price ratio among all the available offers in Japan. The ePacket shipping includes insurance, delivery tracking, and very reasonable delivery time of about one week for major European countries. (ePacket service has been temporarily suspended for North America & Australia)

A classification of our products by group to optimize the shipping costs

We are breaking new ground to offer you the best prices from Japan. For each products, you will find information about its group. With this information, you can know how many products at most you can buy in one order while choosing the most cost-effective way of shipping by air “epacket”. For example, with group S, which contains the most compact packaging, you can buy up to 4 items per order, choosing this shipping method. Each item will cost you no more than 830 yens (5.5 £) in shipping costs for a fast and tracked shipment.


The choice


New, second hand, and personal shopper service

New, second hand, and personal shopper service through our website Mugen Shopper Plus, you can buy according to your budget.
Moreover, you can easily get a quote for one or more items not available on the store: we get them to you quickly thanks to our concierge service, “personal shopping”. 
Promotions and special offers will also be offered regularly throughout the year !

A real portal for all fans of J-pop culture !

When you come to Mugen Shopper, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of many services. You will be able to view reports on the latest novelties, or on the designers that we loved and that we want to make known. In the coming months, there will be a unique service that will allow you to discover and interact in your language with Japanese idols, cosplayers, and designers. Support them in their activities and spend unforgettable moments with them on the web or during your next trip to Japan.

The quality


The protection of your new 100% authentic objects

We guarantee that our products are not cheap, low-quality counterfeits, and “liquidated” in illegal distribution channels. We make sure that you get items from manufacturers who have obtained the official license !

Moreover, if you receive an item different from the description on the item sheet that does not match your order (size, color), or even is damaged during transport, we will refund you unconditionally. (*)

(*) For damaged objects, we only ask for your cooperation by giving us a file with photos for an intervention with the insurance provided by the transport company.

Carefully checked second-hand

On the Mugen Shopper website, you will find photos that actually correspond to the items you buy.

You won’t come across bad deals like there are in Japan, through “drop shipping” sites: a quick description of the condition of the item in a few words with a photo doesn’t really help. 

You buy at a distance but we ensure a real quality and local service. 100% satisfaction for all our customers !

We won’t compromise on the quality of our services, so don’t worry when you shop at Mugen Shopper. The Shopper’s guide gathers the answers to the majority of your questions. If you have any doubts or other specific questions, we will give you a clear answer within a reasonable period of time. We will also accurately communicate on the processing of your order: preparation and shipment with tracking information on the delivery information sites. Do not hesitate to contact us using the form available on the “contact us” page. We will do our best to answer you within 24 hours !

The time limits


A problem ? A response within 24h of the following business day !

It’s simple: 24 hours maximum. For the weekend, you will get our return and precise information in case there is a problem with your order on Monday morning at least.

Immediately contact us as soon as an anomaly is detected

You will receive 3 confirmation messages after the payment of your order:
– The detail of your order
– The preparation of your order
– The shipment of your order along with the tracking number.
If we have any questions about the information you have entered (e.g. a delivery address that is insufficiently filled in), or if special circumstances delay the processing (“meteorological” events such as typhoons, a break in the manufacturer, etc.), you will be promptly notified by email.

The guarantee that the shipping times will be met

We mention on each item sheet what the average delays are from your order to the shipment. If we cannot meet these deadlines for reasons other than unpreventable circumstances (e.g. natural disasters, a considerable reduction of logistic activities in Japan, etc.) we will contact you to propose an alternative solution. Rest assured that you will be satisfied with whatever solution we provide !