Who can order on Mugen Shopper?

Any adult, holder of a payment card or PayPal account (for those who wish to use this payment platform). Purchasing from the store does not require registration to become a member. 

How will my order be processed?

First of all, we make sure that you have correctly entered your delivery address to avoid any trouble with the postal services in your country. Please be careful and enter a complete address: add a door code, a floor (additional address) as well as a phone number.

We will prepare your order within the time limits indicated on the item sheets.

For orders placed on the weekend (order placed on Friday night in Japan, Saturday, or Sunday), we may take one or two extra days.

We can also group several orders together provided that you have not yet received the order preparation confirmation message (which confirms the packaging and pick-up of the package). We make sure that your items are sufficiently protected in compact boxes so that you can enjoy the best delivery rates. We use bubble wrap to sufficiently protect the items from shocks during delivery to your address.

I would like to cancel or modify my order, is this possible?

We do not accept the cancellation of an order once it has been paid for, except in the case of obvious error (10 identical items purchased for example). We also cannot accept changes (change of color, size, etc.) after the confirmation of your payment. The modification of the delivery method or the addition of items later to an initial order is possible if we receive this information before we send you the order preparation confirmation message.

What is included in the price displayed in the store?

The price before the confirmation of your item is the price of the item. With the confirmation of the purchase, you must choose a method of payment by credit card through one of the two payment platforms we work with. Stripe (which is the one chosen after pressing the “checkout” button) or PayPal. Then, we automatically add the delivery costs during the validation of your basket: the delivery costs are calculated according to the weight of the items and the delivery address. Once the items arrive in your country of residence, customs can check the package containing your items, as well as the invoice that we will attach. Depending on the legislation in force in your country, you may be subject to VAT regulations and possibly pay import taxes which are generally very low for the type of product that we offer for sale. It should be noted that customs control is not systematic in some countries and that a VAT exemption exists depending on the amount. The costs on arrival in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.


Can I ask that my package be undervalued to avoid paying too much or no VAT upon receiving my package?

Japanese law punishes up to 5 years imprisonment with the payment of a fine of up to 5 million yen for a fraudulent declaration when issuing an invoice for export. This practice, which is still done in some online stores, is strictly prohibited. We respect the law in force in Japan, thus we will not respond to requests for undervaluation. You should be aware that the value of the product itself that we declare is much lower than the selling price so that there is no wrong taxation due to all the costs that are normally added during import (costs of processing your order, supply in Japan, packaging, shipping, etc.). The control can also be missing, random or systematic depending on the country where you are living. Please note that we will not answer questions about the declared value.


What payment methods are available?

We accept payment by credit card. (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, etc.) either through the online payment platform Stripe or PayPal. Payment by PayPal requires the creation of an account if you do not have one. We do not store your payment information in our database. 


What types of shipping are available?

We have chosen 3 types of shipping due to their cost, security, and speed: Standard shipping (E-packet), express shipping (EMS) and UPS. For standard shipping, and for packages under 2kg and whose height, length, and width altogether do not exceed 90 cm, we offer the E-Packet which includes tracking, registered mail with hand delivery, and insurance up to 6000 yen. We will add optional insurance for orders exceeding this value (this insurance is included in the delivery charges). If your order exceeds 2kg or if all items do not fit in a box whose sum of the 3 sides is 90cm or less, we send your items by standard airmail. This is generally less attractive than the express mode (EMS): there is a little difference in price and longer delays. For Express or EMS, the package is treated in priority by the Japanese post office and your country. You can receive it within 4 days in major European cities. We use UPS for shipments to North America and Australia

Which countries do you deliver to?

We have decided to work with the Japanese post office and UPS. The delivery rates shown in the shopping cart are adjusted according to the delivery address you enter.

How do I track my package after shipping?

On the day we ship the package, you will receive a confirmation message which will also indicate a tracking number: This will allow you to track the package on the website of the Japanese post office (https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/search/input?locale=en). The website http://parcelsapp.com can also display the same information.


How long do you take to answer my questions regarding my problem?

You will receive an answer to your questions within 24 hours. For questions that arrive late on Friday (time in Japan) or during the weekend, we will answer without fail on Monday.

What are my guarantees after a purchase from Mugen Shopper?

Here are the 2 main guarantees we provide to all of our customers :

1) Item received that does not correspond to the order :

The basic rule of thumb is that you buy items that match the description on the item sheets when you place your order. If you also receive an item that differs from the information you entered (e.g., color, size), we will pay the return shipping cost to Japan. Before this, you will be offered compensation. You are fully entitled to refuse it and choose to return the item(s) with a refund.

2) Authenticity :

In the Japanese market, it is practically impossible to find counterfeits. This can very rarely happen. In this case, unlike other sites selling anime products, video games, etc., we take full responsibility if you receive an item that turns out to be a counterfeit. This will result in a refund with a gift voucher. Please note that your cooperation in returning the item will be required: we will intervene with the police in Japan to report the fraud.

The items I ordered are damaged due to mishandling of the package or the package has been opened and is missing some items: how do you deal with this problem?

A rule of thumb: please immediately report upon delivery of the package by the deliveryman any abnormality on the condition of the package. An open, punctured, deformed, torn, etc. package is not in good condition. This is a very important element to receive compensation. Also, if the item in its individual packaging has been damaged, if items have been stolen by the post office services, please immediately report it to the deliveryman and the post office. Once the claim is registered and the post office in your country confirms that the items have been stolen/recognized as damaged, we will act: We will make a refund before the Japanese post office receives the report from the post office in your country and will refund us later. Please note that an immediate report of the anomaly, filing a claim with your post office is essential.

I haven't noticed any progress in the last few days regarding the delivery of the package in my country, what can I do?

In the event of an interruption of several days in the progress of the delivery in your country, you can contact us to request that an investigation be conducted with the Japanese post office to obtain the release of the situation or the intervention of the insurance company. An investigation can usually be done about a week after no progress in your country. The Japanese Post accepts insurance reimbursements once the postal services in your country submit an investigation of their findings. It also happens that the package is “found” as a result of the initiation of this investigation. If the package cannot be found, it may take 2 to 3 weeks to issue a report with a conclusion. We will fully refund your purchases if such a situation occurs. If it turns out that the cause of the problem is the transmission of incomplete or incorrect information or the buyer’s willful negligence (absence of a person to receive the package for several days, which causes a return to Japan), we will not be held responsible.