Our company

Mugen Shopper is a service designed and provided by Staryus Inc., a company located in the fashionable Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Staryus Inc. and its team are currently working on two projects: 

​The EC website “Mugen Shopper” which is Staryus’ first project. It allows anime, video game and manga enthusiasts to purchase Japanese designed accessories and merchandise at the best prices, while benefiting from the support of a community and quality services.

The Mugen Shopper Plus website offers two convenient and entertaining shopping services in Japan.

The Personal Shopping service, allows you to submit specific and personal requests and order items at the best price and which best meet our expectations.

The Live Shopping service which, in collaboration with partner stores, allows you to discover items on video and buy them instantly as if you were in Japan.

Other projects will soon see the light of day to enable fans of Japanese pop culture to satisfy their passion and have a great time. 

Company name







Staryus Inc.



Partner stores (live shopping)







ACDC RAG Harajuku, Anime Jungle Akihabara 1 – 2 – Mecha store, Niki no Kashi Ameyoko, Otachu Akihabara & Trading Cards stores, Retro Game Camp



Main office : 


Tokyo, Shibuya ward Shibuya 3-5-16 2F 

Branch office (second hand shop)

Kanagawa pref., Yokohama, Kohoku ward Shin Yokohama 3-19-11 Kase building 88 4F

Phone & email


Phone:  090-6241-7961

Email: support@staryus.com

Business hours


Mon-Fri 12:00-17:00 JST (except japanese holidays)


Fees other than product price


Shipping and handling charges