The Personal Shopper service

1. What is it about?

The "Personal Shopper" is a service in which one of our partners living in Japan searches for products you may be interested in upon request that may not be listed in our store (new or used products).

The main advantages:

  • Thanks to our local knowledge and experience, you can get all kinds of products at better prices than if you had gone through intermediaries (proxy) or other traditional online stores. We know the best locations!

  • We are on the go for you, from retailers to thrifts to get items that are unavailable online, already "sold out" or difficult to find. For example in Tokyo, the Nintendo Store, the Jump Store, the Mugiwara store, but also food stores, stores specialized in Japanese objects, pop-up stores, etc.

  • We speak your language and we are of course, all nice!

2. How to use the service?

A form accessible below from the "Click here" button, or in the "Request form" tab is at your disposal. Please create an account on Mugen Shopper to access the form page. (It allows us to exchange with you more quickly).

3. How long does it take?

For items that do not require extensive research, we are able to provide you with a price offer very quickly. If you accept our offer, the order can be placed immediately or within one day. You will receive either 1. A request for payment  2. An invoice that includes our price offer with a payment option 3. A link to a page on our site that allows you to place the order and pay.  We usually ship within 48 hours of receiving or obtaining your items.

For used or rare items in Japan, the usual flow from your first request to the shipment of the items is as follows:

4. Can I really order anything?

Yes, if the products you are looking for are not mentioned in the list of prohibited items (i.e. not accepted by the Japanese postal service). This list is available on this page:

- Access the search request form   
 (you must create an account beforehand, if you are not yet a member)