You love photography, but let’s keep it real. You travel to enjoy your vacation, not to be your family’s on-staff photographer. You want a sharp shot of your dog’s epic mid-air catch, but you don’t have time to memorize a user manual. The E-M10 Mark III is just for you. It’s small and lightweight. It has a simple touchscreen interface. And foolproof image stabilization ensures sharp still shots and smooth 4K video. The E-M10 Mark III. Your photographic journey starts here.



The E-M10 Mark III takes all the guesswork out of photography. AUTO Mode detects the scene, lighting, movement of you or your subject, and even your subject’s eyes. It instantly dials in focus and settings to guarantee results you’ll be proud of.



Every part of the E-M10 Mark III has been designed with you in mind. It starts with a carefully crafted metal and leather grained body that cleverly hides the built-in flash. This camera is small and lightweight and always convenient.



Touch AF lets you focus and trip the shutter with one quick touch of the screen. Simply tap the area of the screen where you want to target. With virtually no delay, you’ve captured the shot.



There’s no need to carry bulky external flashes with the E-M10 Mark III. Rotate the power switch to activate the cleverly hidden pop-flash perfect for poorly lit portraits or any subject that needs some additional light.



Shoot those hard-to-reach photos with ease. Whatever angle you’re at, the tilting touch screen will adapt.



Whether you’re using the 180º tilting touch screen or the interactive electronic viewfinder, what you see is what you get. Live view provides real-time previews of your shot. It takes the guesswork out of photography.





  • Sensor Effective Resolution / Type: 16.1 Megapixel Live MOS

  • Processor: TruePic™ VIII

  • Focusing System: Contrast Detection with 121 Focus Points

  • Image Stabilization System: In-Body 5-Axis Image Stabilization

  • Viewfinder: 2.36M dot OLED Electronic Viewfinder

  • Rear Monitor: 3.0" Tilting Touch LCD

  • Creative Features: 4K Video, Nighttime Live Composite, 15 Art Filters with new Bleach Bypass Filter

  • Sequential Shooting Speed: 8.6fps [H mode] 4.8fps [L mode] Mechanical Shutter

  • Flash: Built-in Pop Up Flash

  • Special Features: New Intuitive Touch Interface, Advanced Photo Mode, Shortcut Button, and Built-in Wi-Fi




1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark III Mirrorless Digital Camera (EZ Double Zoom Kit)

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