Kemco RPG Selection Vol. 7

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  • Brand : Kemco
  • Platform : PS4
  • Rated : CERO B (12+)
  • Edition : Japan
  • Release date : July, 15th 2021 (shipped within 3-4 days)
Four Kemco RPGs in one game! The 7th edition of a selection of games!

Asdivine Cross, Alphadia Genesis 2, Ruinverse, Chroma Quaternion

Four RPGs with a familiar feel that will let you play to your heart's content.
Each title offers over 25 hours of gameplay. Some of these titles can be played for up to 50 hours!
The best value for money compared to buying each of the four downloadable versions separately.
You'll be able to play these games without having to read any instructions.

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