Nintendo Dream 06/21

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■ Publisher: Tokuma Shoten
■ Release date: April 21, 2021
■ Number of pages: 132 pages
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The cover of the June issue is in reference to Animal Crossing.

The bright yellow color on the cover represents Totake and other characters!
Selected artwork from Fire Emblem 3
On April 20, 2020, "Fire Emblem" celebrated its 30th anniversary.
To conclude, we have collected the main illustrations and character illustrations from the main series into a 132-page book.
Please use it as a collector's edition!
This book was published in July 2015. This book is a re-edited version of the "Artwork Selection 2" from the July 2015 issue, with the addition of "Heroes", "Echoes" and "Fuuka Yukigetsu".
Animal Crossing: 20th Anniversary + Animal Crossing: 1st Anniversary Special
Animal Crossing: 20 Years of Memories
Animal Crossing: 20 Years of History and Changes
Animal Crossing: Review and 1st Anniversary Update
Animal Crossing: 20 Years of History
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Koryujo
In-depth explanation of the official "Pokémon 25 Years of Non-Stop Adventure" video
Developer Q&A on Monster Hunter Rise
An in-depth look at the official "Pokémon 25 Years of Non-Stop Adventure" video.
Rune Factory 5

Sequel news and official comic book
Buddy Mission BOND popularity poll announced + first interview
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